Vertical construction has commenced at the 124-unit Blackhawk Apartment project in Spring Hill, Kansas. Numerous subcontractor trades are working simultaneously onsite and include; carpenters, concrete, electricians, excavators, pipefitters, and plumbers. Project progression can be followed clockwise starting at Building 1 and 3 (northernmost) where the following has occurred:
• Over 600 feet of sanitary sewer has been installed
• Pads are poured
• First-floor walls framed
• 700 feet of City street right-of-way is operable
In addition, Buildings 2 and 4 (southernmost), continue to advance with footings and mass-grading to the south. The clubhouse pad has also been poured and first-floor walls framed. The outdoor pool and amenities will be completed summer of ’17.
4Sight staff integral to the success of this project include Andy Fowler, and Chris Hodge. Trust between the team originated during the completion of the recent 501 Brady project. Andy credits Blackhawks success to a “very organized approach”. “We have established trust and solid relationships with the subcontractors, and with each other”, says Fowler.